July 10: The “Salmonator”


The object that Jerry is displaying ( in what seems to be a rather threatening manner) is his newest invention, The Salmonator.  It is used to quickly dispatch the salmon to that Big Icy River in the Sky.019

This is a close up of the Salmonator.  Jerry carved it is just a short time.  We’ll let you know when it becomes available in stores near you.022

It was a beautiful, clear day here and Mt. Redoubt looked as if it were just a mile or two away. This was taken from here in camp facing west.forget_me_not4

Yesterday I showed a picture of the wild geraniums growing everywhere.  What is confusing to us Texans is that what WE call geraniums are really pelargoniums.  Anyhow, this little beauty is the Alpine forget-me-not, the Alaska State Flower,  I have not seen any yet, so I had to cheat and get this picture from the internet.005

This is good advice, especially for those of us who like our naps. No many fish hooked from the ole’ bed!!007

This center is located less than a mile from our camp.008

The River Center is a clearinghouse that coordinates the activities (mainly construction) riparian to the Kenai River.  The Kenai River was declared a state park many years ago and is governed by many county, state and federal agencies.  018

This is their information guide. Bank erosion is a big problem here because of all the fisherman constantly going to the waters edge thus destroying  the vegetation causing the soil to erode.  Many matching grants are available for home builders to help shore up or build fish walkways to help stabilize the waters edge.

NEWS FLASH:     Jerry caught 3 salmon yesterday and has gone with Bob this afternoon to once again chase those willy critters of the Kenai River.  He has big plans to christen his  deluxe ” salmonator ”  this afternoon  …………….. STAY TUNED FOR THE LATEST.


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