July 11: Airport Mishap – NBC Evening News Coverage – Soldotna, AK


The end of the runway at the Soldotna Airport on a clear day.017

The beginning of a memorial to the victims of the plane crash – 10 people killed.012

The hanger where the wreckage is being kept while NTSB investigators look to determine the cause of the crash.010

Closer view of charred tail section013

Another view of tail section with NTSB investigator015

These are a set of pontoons that may be attached to a plane’s landing gear enabling it to land in water.   A  fancier set has the wheels also attached at the same time and they suspect that a pontoon shifted down and it had 1 wheel down and 1 pontoon down causing it to dig into the runway on takeoff.Riley

We’d like to welcome Riley (aka Hot Rod)!  He is the newest addition to Lonnie and Marilyn’s family!  What a cutie!!010

The salmonator had its maiden run today.  Texas size fish – Texas size whooper popper. 2 FISH  in the basket – 1 monster spit the hook right at the net.  Another gooooooood day at the office………………………….


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