July 12: The New and Improved Whirligig II


Why settle for one when you can have two?  Inside this whirligig is a smaller one which turns in the opposite direction!!  Of course, this is just a prototype.  We’ll begin mass production just as soon as soon as those guys at the factory in China get back to us.  We know they’ll call soon.  Jerry is thinking about another type in which the interior whirligig turns the same way as the outer one.  I’m not sure if American is ready for that yet, though.004These beautiful earrings were made from the canine teeth (ivory) of an elk.  Until last year, we didn’t even know that elk had that type of teeth.  Thanks to Jerry’s former professor (and fellow camper) Dr. Charles Wallace for giving us all  the information about this subject.008

We went to Kenai early this morning to pick up a new pair of chest waders that Jerry ordered from Amazon.  Christmas comes early!


Since the Fed Ex in Kenai is out by the airport, we decided to swing by and take a look.  It was beautifully landscaped and manicured with containers of flowers everywhere.  I have never seen communities do such a fantastic job of sprucing up (no pun intended) for summer.011

See what I mean?  Take a look at these flowers!  They’re all real!012

Even though my plants at home never looked this good (too much Texas heat), these really made me want to go plant something.004

No trip to Kenai is complete without a trip to Walmart, and no trip to Walmart is complete without a visit to the Sporting Goods Department to look at the hooks, etc.  Always room for improvement!!!!015Those hooks paid off!  When we got back to Soldotna, Jerry went fishing and in just a few minutes got this nice red salmon.016

Today’s fish proved to be no match for The Salmonator, whose slogan is, “Hit him like you mean it!”  (The advice Jerry got when he first started fishing for salmon with his buddy Al.)  023We were invited to have lunch with our friends at Moose Munch Cabins.  They have an excellent video on their website at www.acabinbythepond.com.  It is very entertaining with appearances by Jerome, the squirrel and Mollie, the moose.  Check it out.  I highly recommend it.024

“Whatcha got in that hand, mister?   Lemme see!”020

Good table manners are very important when you are dining with a squirrel.  We had a delicious meal that included salmon prepared 5 ways. I think my favorite was the garlic and butter.  We also had a great Asian salad made with brown rice, cucumbers, raisins, peanuts (those that we could keep from Jerome), and other good stuff.027“Whaddaya mean, ‘They’re all gone’?”022

” I KNEW he had another one!”028

I’m afraid Jerome may have a bit of a hoarding problem.  He took almost all the peanuts we gave him back to his home and then quickly hurried out to ask for more.

Okay.  To the non-animal lovers out there:  I hope you didn’t OD on cuteness, but what can I say?  I love all furry critters!

1 comment
  1. Pat said:

    Wow! Jerome has a very lovely home! He must be very well-to-do!
    BTW have you heard back from China? Your whirligigs are getting better and better! I don’t think you can top the double whirligig unless, of course, you design a triple one! Just sayin…

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