July 14: Lazy Sunday


We slept late, almost 8:00 AM, then had a big lunch.  I fixed salmon patties which tasted, to me, almost like tuna patties.  Our neighbors say that putting dill in them makes them even better.  I didn’t have any, but she gave me some, so I will try that next time.  Has anyone out there ever used dill like that?012

I made a peach cobbler using pancake mix for the crust.  Jerry put it on the grill to cook.  This is the BEFORE picture.013

And this is the AFTER picture.  We thought it was pretty good.  Maybe not as good as my dear mother-in-law used to make, but definitely edible.004

This afternoon, this magpie and some of his friends came by for a visit.002They are loud and boisterous birds.  We always know when they’re nearby.005After the magpies went home, we just took it easy.  Jerry is resting up for the next onslaught of red salmon.  He wants to be in top form–no sore muscles, etc.  I hope tomorrow will be more exciting for our followers!  Until then…..

1 comment
  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Love that Whirligig II! Wonder if that idea could be upgraded to generate electricity? ;-}
    Love the fantastic flowers, and Jerome, too. Alaskans do make the most of their growing season.
    Thanks again for sharing. ;-}

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