July 15: What Earthquake???

Apparently we had an earthquake here the night before last.  It registered four point something and woke most people around here.  Neither Jerry nor I was aware of anything!  Talk about sound sleepers!  Nobody was alarmed about it, though.  Everyone had tales to tell about other earthquakes they had experienced here.  Also, they told of volcanoes spewing ash that covered everything.  One woman said it was like trying to wash flour off everything.  Add water and get goop.  001

We walked down to the river early this morning, and several people were catching fish.  This is a nice one.  It made Jerry start to think about doing some fishing himself!


It looks like he had plenty of company today!  This looks crowded to me, but will get even more congested (Combat Fishing) in the near future.  The state is doing a reclamation project on the bank.  Over time, fishermen had trampled all the vegetation, and they have now replanted it.  No one can put anything on the bank behind the fence. You’re not supposed to hang anything on the fence either.  A young man got a $120 ticket a few days ago for putting his backpack on the ground behind the fence.  So where are you supposed to put things?  Hang what you need off your own body, I guess.  I have seen nets, knives, and all kinds of fishing gear hanging from the fishermen’s waders.002

Most of the bank is covered with these lush ferns as well as other plants and flowers.003

There are also lots of these pretty little flowers.  I THINK they are called “chiming bells”.  At first I thought they were harebells, but the flower is not quite the same.  Does anyone know for sure?008

Here’s that fisherman!   Look at those new chest waders.  I hope they helped.004

Well, I guess those new waders did the trick after all.  He got his limit.  Now he has to wait until tomorrow to go back.

1 comment
  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Yes, those look like the chiming bells that grow in CO. Harebells are more individual flowers, and form a wider bell.
    Sleeping through an earthquake qualifies you as honorary central Oklahomans, though most of our quakes are less
    than a four. Obviously Jerry’s fishing luck was never shaken. ;-}

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