July 16: The photographer is out ……and the fisherman is in the water!!

It looks as if the Second Run has started.  Everyone seems to be catching their limit in a short amount of time.  There are grinning fishermen wherever I look!  I would have photographed Jerry’s fish, but they were filleted by the time I saw them.

I confess that I took no pictures today.  I am going to cheat and send you a couple that I got from the Internet.  Sorry about that.  Tomorrow I’ll get back to business.map of Kenai PeninsulaOK, class, this is a map of the Kenai Peninsula.  We are spending most of our time in Soldotna, with occasional side trips to Kenai. (They have a Walmart.) and Homer.  Jerry wants to see bears before we go, so we make take a day trip to Russian River Ferry for that purpose.  I’ll fill in the details as I get them.Kennicott at Whittier, AK

This is a picture of the M/V  (marine vessel) Kennicott in port at Whittier, AK.  We will depart on this ship near midnight on Aug. 12th from there.the Kennicott

This is a better view of the ship we will be on. We will have 5 ports of call  before reaching Bellingham,  Wash. on Saturday.


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