July 17: And the run is on…. Let the Combat Fishing begin.


Jerry got up to go fishing at 5:30 this morning, not because that is when the fish are biting, but because he hoped to get a spot on the river.  He still had to wait until someone else got his limit before he could get into the water and start fishing.  He got his 3 in a very short time.  I wasn’t fast enough to get there to photograph all of them, but at least I got these two.004

As we begin to contemplate our journey back across the Gulf of Alaska, Jerry was thinking of cheaper options than the Marine Ferry.006

I’m pretty sure inflatable isn’t the way to go but it was a two person raft.008Hypothermia, anyone?  I do not know why these inner tubes were stacked up at the front of the store.  I can’t believe that anyone would want to float down the   cold Kenai River at anytime of the year.

Since I am not sure that I will be able to blog while we are on the ferry, I thought I might show a little of some of the ports of call.aerial view of Yakutat, AK

We must be in Whittier by 5:45 PM on August 12th; however the ferry does not depart until 11:45 PM.  We arrive in Yakutat, AK the next day (13th) at 7:45 PM.  We will only be there for one hour and 15 minutes so I don’t know if we’ll get off the ship or not.  The little village only has 662 people (as of 2010)and is located 225 miles NW of Juneau.  Hubbard and Malaspina Glaciers are nearby.  Also, there is no road access to the village, so it depends on the Marine Ferry for transportation and supplies. The original people were Eyak-speaking people who were conquered by the Tlingit.  The name “Yakutat” means “the place where the canoes rest”.   If you’re interested in learning more, you can go too www.yakutatalaska.com.


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