July 18: The Pressure is On (15 PSI) !


FISH  ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!              Catch of the day!   Three to go, if you please.  Rumors started about increasing limit to 6 pretty soon.002

Neighbor Bob is at it bright and early, but not as early as Jerry was:  4:00 AM           PLay that fish, don’t rush him.004

This man has the technique mastered.  Notice the fish cleaning board that I came up with.005

With the help of our neighbors Paul and Shirley, and the use of their equipment, we will  try our hand at canning salmon.008

The first step is to cut the salmon into approximately 1 inch cubes.007

This is the total amount of salmon that we are going to can today.  I would guess that this about 10 or 11 pounds.012

We went to Safeway to buy the canning jars.  We decided to go with the pint size. The procedure for preparing the salmon was not as complicated as I had thought it might be.014The jars must stay in the canner for 100 minutes at 15lbs. of pressure per square inch of pressure.016

This is the finished product.017

Special of the Day:  Shirley’s Famous Salmon Dip while you wait for the processing to finish.   WHAT A LIFE!!


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