July 20: Next stop: Juneau also today 6 Pack (fish) to go!

map-of-alaska Did you know that Juneau is the only state capital not accessible by road?Juneau_24

We’ll arrive in Juneau on August 14 at 1:00 PM.  We’ll only be there 3 hours, but I suppose we’ll get off the ship and look around a little.juneau-alaska

I hope it looks like this when we’re there!downtown Juneau

It looks like a modern city in the lower 48.  This will be our second port of call on the return trip.


The limit on red salmon increased to 6 at midnight last night.  Jerry got out there about 4:00 AM and got his pretty quickly.  His fish were some of the largest that the has caught. The crowds are getting worse, both at the river and in town.  Driving in town reminds me of trying to Christmas shop on Christmas Eve.  One of our neighbors had to wait for 24 fish to be cleaned before he could get to the fish-cleaning table.  People are being good natured about  it all so far.


More later…….

  1. Barb Hill said:

    Was it still light at 4am? Juneau is beautiful but it gets a lot of rain. My youngest daughter lived there for about 20 years. Doesn’t sound like you will have much time to do any sight seeing. If you can try to go out to see the glacier.

  2. mary lea wallace said:

    Sunrise was worth the early hour, even without the fabulous fish. And what beautiful wood carving!

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