July 28: Catching up on the Blog

First, here are a couple of misc. photos from the Homestead Museum that I haven’t put in yet.047

This was the latest in home appliances for some lucky homesteader’s wife.  It was originally a wringer washer, but was converted, using a small gasoline motor (on the floor to the left of the machine).  I can just hear a woman saying, “Honey, the washer’s out of gasoline and I need to do laundry!” The gasoline was delivered in square metal containers that fit into a wooden storage box near the washer.  Nothing like the smell of gasoline to make you enjoy doing laundry!048

This is a rhubarb plant growing beside one of the cabins.  It is a cold tolerant plant (I have seen it growing in Colorado at high elevations.) and was used to make jellies and pies.  I have heard of rhubarb pie, but have never tasted it.  Has anyone out there tasted or made a rhubarb pie?008

This is a picture of the Seward Highway just after the 1964 earthquake!  This was insult added to injury because the highway had only been finished for about a year before this happened.  007

This is a (blurry) picture of yarrow, a wildflower that must be very hardy because we also have it in Texas.  The fern-like leaves are very dainty.  Unfortunately, at least in Texas, it can be invasive.  I planted some once and was still pulling it out two years later.006

Yes, this picture is blurry, too.  I really need to wear my “cheaters” when I take photos.  I just wanted you to see that up here the yarrow also blooms in this bright pink color.  If mine had been this color, I might not have pulled it up.009

This is an arctic poppy.  They bloom in yellow and orange.  Some of our neighbors at home have poppies in their front yard, and theirs are bright red.  041

Our neighbors here, Shirley and Paul,  went to Sterling City and bought this diamond willow so she can make some more of those beautiful walking sticks.  They will have to remove every bit of the bark before they go back through Canada.  I believe this is to prevent parasites from entering the country and doing harm to their forests.042

This is Shirpa who belongs to Shirley and Paul.  I wonder where they got that name?045

Bob, our other neighbor, is holding a fireweed flower and a honey jar.  He and his wife gave us the honey made from this flower.  According to his wife, you don’t want to cut these flowers and take them inside because they are covered with tiny, creepy, crawly bugs that get everywhere.  Nuff said.044It is beautiful in the jar. Some people say it’s too sweet; others say it tastes just like honey made by bees.002

Jerry’s tomato plant is doing great!  It likes these long days.  As you can see, he already has several tomatoes on it.  They have another 16 days to grow before we get on the ferry.  I don’t know if we’ll pick them green or leave them for the moose.009

Well, guess who won the Scrabble tournament last night?  It was the guy who made not one, but TWO seven-letter words!!!  I am going to have to start reading the dictionary or paying more attention to the game!  Do you see that some of the letters are home made?  That’s because we usually play outside and sometimes lose letters.  Every so often we have count the letters and Jerry will make whatever we are missing.

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  1. Barb H. said:

    Fireweed honey is to die for!! The split road picture looks like the road in the front of the house I was living in after the earthquake. ;(

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