July 29: Fish, Flowers and Furry Friends, etc.

004It costs $5.00 per person to park and fish. It costs $11.25 to take the ferry across.  In Texas near where we used to live, there is the Los Ebanos ferry that takes people and vehicles to and from Mexico.  This ferry only takes people.006

Jerry and Bob each got a limit of 3.005Even though the limit is 3, they are still some nice fish!001

The next day, Jerry made kebobs.  That is becoming our favorite way to fix salmon.001

This is Star, the Wonder Dog.  She is owned by a man named Lloyd who is camped about 3 spots down.  Occasionally, she comes by to get some extra petting and to see what is on the barbeque.  005 This is Chezny.  She and her sister Gisella are camped here, too.  They are German Shepherds from Czechoslovakia.  Their ancestors were used to guard the Czech border during the Cold War.  Now all they guard is their owners’ motorhome.  Gisella can be seen lying on the dash board in the motorhome!  At first I thought, “What kind of fur lining did they put on their dash?”  and then it moved!    I’ll try to get a picture of that.001

This was the moon at 4 AM a few nights ago.  We are starting to have some night time.  Not much, but a little.010

This was in one of the flower beds at the museum we visited the other day.  I’m not sure if it is a native or not.  It is a type of oxalis, or wood sorrel.  At home I have lots of oxalis, but mine has bright green leaves and hot pink flowers.  Pat, I think you have some with purple leaves and white flowers, right?011

I was told this is called saxifrage. I don’t know anything about it.  Is anyone familiar with it?002

I’ll leave you with a picture of some precious gems.  These delicious grape tomatoes were just too luscious to pass up.  They tasted like REAL tomatoes and that’s quite a compliment coming from a Texan.  They were not cheap, however:  $3.00 for 10 oz., but  I do believe they were worth it.

1 comment
  1. Pat said:

    Love the oxalis! Yes, mine is purple with white flowers. Great pictures of Star, Chezney, and Gisella. Are they coming home with you??

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