July 30: Going to the dogs


Today’s post is brought to you by Star, The Wonder Dog.   Since it is her last day, I told her she could type in whatever she wanted. (woof)  Her owner Lloyd is going to Valdez to fish for silver salmon.  Lots of people from this camp are heading that way also.003

We had a long talk about her coming to visit us in Texas, but she decided that it is way too hot down there for her!003

Gisella was sad to see her playmate go, but her folks are also headed to Valdez in a few days.004

How is this for a slab of meat?  Jerry had a good day fishing.  Last night he saw the first star that he has seen in Alaska!!  Maybe that was a good omen.  I still have not seen one, but since we are losing daylight at the rate of about 4 minutes a day, maybe I’ll see one before we leave.

1 comment
  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Happy to see you find furry friends where ever you go. Hingers make great rhubarb cake and pie! ;-}

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