Aug. 1&2: Warning! Warning! Bear Scare!!


We have started to walk in the mornings and/or early evenings down the landing strip to the river.  Last night we were too lazy, and it may have been a good thing.  A lady came around to all the trailers saying a grizzly was spotted in the narrow strip of forest between this camp and Funny River Road.  It was heading this way. 001

Mrs Maggie Pie would like to purchase one of the shiny ornaments for an early Xmas……..004What gorgeous flowers!  These were next door to our lunch appointment.  011

It was very pleasant at noon today when we met our friends for lunch at noon.006

This mall is not very big, but it has some really cute shops.


This restaurant is one of those cute shops.  Cute chicken wings, cute sweet and sour pork, cute fried squash, cute …………………..015

Now you see why we wanted to eat here! A powerful hunger calls for a powerful cure!016

Today’s chopsticks are tomorrow’s skewers!  Jerry modified them just a little, and now we think they will work great.


Yesterday’s blog was cancelled because we could not locate the camera and had no pictures.  I had placed it in the bucket that carries all the extra fishing gear that I place at the waters edge when I go fishing. Anyway, we met a couple at Centennial Park, cooked pork ribs on the Barbie and then Al and I fished until nearly 11pm.  The silver salmon are starting to show up – we caught 4 out of our limit of 12.  You can probably tell by todays pictures that it was a very cloudy day and was misting when we were in town for lunch.

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  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Glad you avoided having a bear tale to tell. What beautiful country! Thanks for the view. ;-}

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