Aug. 3: Real Men Eat Salmon Quiche!


Today,  Jerry came up with the idea of salmon quiche!008

Voila!  After 30 minutes in our “oven”, this is the finished product.   UMMMMMM GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! And good for you……….006

Our friends, Bob and Sue, brought us a cabbage from the Farmers’ Market this morning.  She says that Alaska grows the best cabbage she has ever tasted!  She has been told that it is because of the soil.  We sampled it and it was very sweet.001

All the items necessary for a salmon fishing bucket.  Look at all this stuff!  The stringer, hooks, weights, and license are in the green pouch.010

This afternoon we went back to the Kenai NWR.  They are really working hard on this new center.  I wish we could be here to see it completed.012

Look they have posted a guard a the door.017

We went to see a movie “Bears of the Last Frontier”.  It was made by ecologist and film maker, Chris Morgan.  He and one cameraman went into the wilds and lived for months in a meadow with dozens of Alaskan Brown Bears.  The way they interacted with each other was fascinating.  They became so used to his presence that they would graze as close as 5′ from him.   022

The movie also showed the other young animals that were living in or near the meadow.015This big guy could be the daddy of the young moose above.  We finished the movie and drove to the Golden Arches for an ice cream cone to go! Supposed to rain the rest of the weekend – that could make for a lazy Sunday.


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