Aug. 5, 6, 7: Countdown to departure and Fisherman Out of Commission


Salmon season has come to an end for this Texas fisherman.  All the recent rains have swollen the river making it difficult to wade in over waist high water and the strong current..  I stepped on a rock the other morning in the river that gave way and twisted my knee.  It is swollen and painful to walk so I will not try  to do any more fishing and will rest and recover till we leave on the Ferry Monday.  My hands also look like they have been in combat with cuts and scrapes from fish fins,  hooks, nylon line and a sharp knife while cleaning fish.    I feel  like someone used the “Salmonator” on me!!!!  I guess we will retire the ole’ fishing bucket for this season.  I plan to return home with the  seasoned salmonator and use it this fall on  a Texas fish or two.005Alaska meets Texas!!  Salmon nachos!  Just when you thought we had run out of recipes, another fabulous one jumps to lead the pack.  Terrie said that this one may be the best of our many culinary delights.  I agree and I suspect this one will be mentioned again here in the blog in short order. I failed to get a pic of the final cooked version with the melted cheese because we were so hungry and it smelled delicious.  001

Among the MANY things left to do before we leave Soldotna:  haircuts.  But NOT here!  There is more rain in the forecast as we begin to close the  “camp” and look forward to the ferry ride and the rest of our trip.


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