Aug. 8: Wash, Walmart, and Kenai Harbor Cannery Row


I told Jerry to be sure to get my best side.  Anyway,   as you can see there was lots of laundry to do today.003Our wounded warrior is still able to help with the shopping!  Seems like he is having too much fun if you ask me………..005

And now for a bit of sightseeing.  Commercial fisherman with purse nets bring the fresh caught Salmon to these docks for processing.006

Until the tide comes back in, this boat won’t be going anywhere.  We had previously taken a pic of this dock from a park on a high bluff that overlooks the mouth of the Kenai River.008More boats in the harbor. Many of the tides move nearly 30 feet from low to high.  009

This is one of the canneries that are all around the harbor.011

This is a unique and protected tidal area.017

Haven’t we all wanted to say this a few times ourselves?025

This area is supposed to be good for spotting caribou.028

We saw two.  This was the closer one. There is a larger herd that frequents the area, however we did not see them in our travels today.029

This is a creative use for an old double-decker bus. Not many of these relics around anymore.032This burl is about the size of a basketball.  The tree is near the river’s edge.030

One last chore before we go home to have popcorn and call it a day.

  1. mary lea wallace said:

    Don’t worry, Terrie. Every side is your best side. -}

  2. John A. Taylor said:

    hope your knee is better. You sure have had a lot of fun fishing. Many ways to cook fish. Oh by the way we did not raise much money for your return trip from the benfit, maybe $10.00. Renters have not payed, so hope you are bringing fish home to eat. See you soon on the road. Your yard still looks great!!!!

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