Aug. 10 & 11: Getting ready in the rain!


It has rained steadily for the last 36 hours, but today started out a bit clearer, so we went down to Trustworthy Hardware to buy a new cooler.  We need one to take all our fish back.005

We also stopped at Fred Meyer.  They had Olathe sweet corn on sale:  5 for $2.  I know, that’s not what I would usually consider a sale, but we couldn’t resist!  We also needed chips for our salmon nachos.009

Mmmmmm! Get the butter and salt!006Ready for the grill:  Jerry’s World Famous Salmon Nachos!008

These have so many good things on them that I can’t remember them all.  I know he used just about every spice that we have with us, including dill.010

The tomato crop is coming along nicely.  Unfortunately, they won’t ripen before we leave, so we’ll leave them for our neighbors, Bob and Sue.


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