Aug. 12: Whittier Bound


On the way to Whittier, we stopped by the Russian River Ferry. On the last fishing trip we failed to get pictures of the ferry.  012

People still need to be careful of the bears.020Here is the ferry returning from taking passengers to the other side of the river.016

The ferry at the dock waiting for the next group of passengers.022

On the road to Whittier we stopped at a fish viewing area.  It is just past the Black Bear Campground where we stayed last May.  Notice that these fish have turned red and are ready to spawn.  If you could see them up close, you would see that the jaws of the males have elongated and look very fierce.001

The glacier at Whittier is still a spectacular sight.029

We are in line getting ready to go through the two and a half mile tunnel.  Just after we went through, a lady crashed her RV into the side of the tunnel.  The accident held up traffic for hours.030

Our tickets were ready and waiting in the Alaska Marine Highway office.037

We actually have two tickets stapled together.  The top one is for the passage (for us and the RV) to Bellingham.  The second one, which you can’t see, is for our “room” which is technically called a “roomette”.  More on that later.

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