Aug. 14: Hello, Juneau


It was a foggy morning.  This is a picture of the SUN, not the moon.033

The captain needed an extra pair of eyes to make sure we didn’t run into any small boats.001

The Mendenhall Glacier sits behind the port at Juneau.005

The captain eases the ship into the harbor.007

As we all know, Juneau is the capital of Alaska.  We chose not to go into town because A) a taxi ride costs $35 and B) we are only here for 3 hours.  We wanted to catch up on our blog, too.009

The ship refueled while we were in harbor.010

One of the amenities here on the Boat Deck  (Level 7) is the café which is a combination cafeteria and short order restaurant.012

This is the Kennicott’s sister ship, the Le Conte.013

This is the aft, or forward, viewing deck, also here on Level 7.  There is also an area with booths and tables, which is where we spend most of the day reading and playing Scrabble, etc.014

This shows you our view from the forward viewing deck.  Pretty neat, huh?


BTW:  Some of our pictures from Aug. 12 did not make it into the post, but I have corrected that, and I hope you’ll go back and check them out!

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  1. BarbH said:

    Juneau is a beautiful area…….when the sun is shining! Lots of bears. My youngest daughter lived there for 21 years. Have a wonderful trip home. Both ramps are now open at the dock by the fish cleaning station. The gate has been fixed and in one week the level has come up about 10 feet!!!!!!!

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