Aug. 15: Ketchikan: Cannery Row Harbor


It looked like rain when we first got up this morning.  It was announced that we would arrive in Ketchikan at 10:30 AM, much earlier than the 1 PM arrival time we had been given earlier.  Maybe we made better time because the seas were fairly calm.005

This is an exceptionally busy port.  There is no road access to the city.015

Even the “duck” (tourist boat) in the distance is running from the rain.004

This is the local ferry.  It takes vehicles as well as passengers across the inlet.006

There is a constant stream of small boats, ships, and amphibious planes coming and going through the harbor.007

This appears to be a crab boat.  At least my vast experience watching “Deadliest Catch” tells me it is.  The name is also the state motto.010

The Lituya in the middle of the picture is another ship that belongs to the Alaska Marine Ferry.011

This shows a tugboat pushing a barge loaded with containers that can be shipped via rail, truck, or ship.  Each container is the approximate size of a railroad car.

1 comment
  1. mary lea wallace said:

    wow! Great photos of your adventures asea. The foggy sun on water reminds me of Maine.
    The workings of the AK maritime highway’s very interesting. Many thanks for sharing. ;-}

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