More Chainsaw Art

While we were exploring the area around Tom and Gloria’s part of Washington, we stopped to take pictures of some excellent chain saw art.  I really like this kind of art.053This place even gives lessons!  I’m not sure I’m ready to use a chainsaw yet!064

Lots to choose from!038

Beautiful sailfish against the morning sky040

Is it just me, or does this buffalo look a little cross eyed?041044I’m not exactly sure what this bird is.  Any ideas?045I’d never seen any carvings of castles before.046047051

Sasquatch is pretty popular in this area.052

No, you don’t have to clean your glasses.  This photo of an old cowpoke is pretty blurry.


Another interpretation of the Yeti or Sasquatch055I don’t know if this guy by the turtles is supposed to be Sasquatch or some kind of gnome.056061

I would really love to have this bench, but it won’t fit inside the camper!062042

I think this is supposed to be a griffin or griffon, a mythological creature that was part eagle and part lion.  Since the eagle is the king of birds and the lion is the king of beasts, a griffin was supposed to be very special.048Cute otters!059

This was at the wine store next door.  It’s nice to see that people have a sense of humor.


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