Aug. 22: Part 1 – Tillamook Air Museum


Before we left Tillamook, Jerry wanted to go through the air museum.021

The museum is housed inside this absolutely enormous hanger that was used to store blimps during WWII.023034Some of the aircraft inside the hangar will give you perspective as to its enormous size!!!!!!!!!!!!037Yikes!  This is R-Rated!  But so was the war……..049

An old photo from WWII when the air station was actively engaged in wartime activities.046

An aerial photo of the base.047The blimps inside the hangar – note the size of the pickup to the right.024I love charts like this.  Notice how much smaller the Goodyear blimp is than the Hindenburg.  Of course, we all know what happened to the Hindenburg, so maybe its size wasn’t such a good thing.042 Readying the blimp for flight.


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