Aug. 22: Part 2 – Sea Lion Caves

First, an addition to the Tillamook Naval Air Station information.  Several people have asked about the purpose of the blimps.  It is very interesting.  They accompanied convoys of ships and kept them safe by identifying enemy submarines.  The water was clear enough that the blimp could identify potential enemy attackers.  They relayed this information to warships which would deploy depth charges to sink the subs. 062


The Sea Lion Caves are our next stop.069

Thank goodness for that elevator!!!  The caves are over 200 feet down!056

The coast of Oregon is so beautiful everywhere you look.064

Attention, Christmas elves!!!!  This amethyst geode was in the gift shop for the low, low everyday price of $1,999.00  It is about 4 feet tall, and I have the perfect place for it.093

They also had many kinds of shells and other souvenirs for those on a more modest budget.067

Wouldn’t this be a great poster for a classroom?  Even an English classroom!068

This would be good, too!071

This life-sized statue was as close as we came to the sea lions today.  They were out in the sea feeding when we got there, so we got a discount!!  Add that to our senior discount, and they practically paid US to come in.073

Okay, you’re going to have to trust me on this.  The dark spot in the center of the picture is a gray whale.  They were all over, spouting and coming to the surface, but to get them on film was virtually impossible.  They were only on the surface for a second or two; then they moved.  By the time I saw where they were, they were gone again.  Very frustrating!!088

Yes, we saw plenty of spouting and breaching, but to get a good picture would have required a boat.085While you’re in a trusting mood, I’ll tell you that the two small dark specks in the middle of the picture are sea lions.  Scouts honor!089

From the whale-viewing area, we could also look across to this quaint lighthouse.

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