Aug. 25: Massive Yosemite Fires Cause Change of Plans

065Left Laytonville about 6:30 this morning and went through the Wine and Weed Capitol of Willits as we headed south.  Soon we turned east on Hwy  20.2018

We saw these wild turkeys on the side of the road.   Notice the different colors in the tail feathers.  I assume the bottom one is a female and the other two are males.  Jerry wanted to tell you that they are California condors, but I told him it’s not nice to tell fibs in the blog.2020

Not long after we turned onto Hwy. 20, we started noticing the many vineyards of Mendocino which is the northern most part of the wine country.2022

These white oleanders lining the side of the road remind  us of the Rio Grand Valley in deep South Texas.2023

Another vineyard with some lovely hills in the background.2027

An olive orchard. Many fruit trees grow here in the Mediterranean climate.  2029We stopped at this beautiful little park in Lucerne.  It is located on Clear Lake, which lives up to its name.  This was the kind of water-front community I’d like to live in.  But maybe not in California.  I hear the BIG ONE is  coming in the next couple of decades.2030

Three local residents stopped by to say “hi”.2033

Part of the town of Lucerne with the beautiful hills in the background2040Still in the same area – Palm trees really denote the tropical clime.2036 20372042

Winding through the back country on Hwy 49, we came across this area where there was a lot of tourist activity.  Hwy 49 goes around and around and up and over for 20 miles or more before you get to Placerville which was our original destination for tonight.  However, we have pressed on and are going to make it to Carson City, Nevada. We drove down from the mountains this am, across the valley, and now have gotte back the mountains where once again its much cooler. 2043

As you can see,  Placerville’s elevation is just a little over  1800′.  As we head to Carson City we climb to over 7300′.2046

We’re not far from the Nevada state line now.

On our way from Lake Tahoe to Carson City, Nevada2045

It was a nice drive over the  mountains to Carson City.2051

This is a really odd rock formation that we encountered on the way.  The tunnel was very short–nothing like the one at Whittier, AK. It is on the Lake Tahoe shore line.

We hated to change our plans but San Francisco is like most of southern Calif. – hotter and drier than usual.  We will return to the wind country, San Francisco and Southern Ca. at a time of the year either early spring or late fall when we can devote lots more time to explore this area.



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