Aug. 27: Part 2 – The Petrified Forest


After we toured the Painted Desert, we went through the Petrified Forest.  Actually, they are both part of the same park.029

One of the first things we saw was this Clark’s spiny lizard, which seems to be growing a new tail.040

We walked around these ruins on the Puerco River, which translates to “Pork River” or “Pig River”.045

This is a diagram of the village.046

Some of the petroglyphs found near the village.047049

This must have been some big bird!050

We also saw the rock pictured above, the summer solstice marker.052

This diagram shows how the marker worked.  The sun shone down the crack in the large rock right onto a line marked into the lower rock on the right.051

Just above the petroglyph that looks like a circle with the letter “C” in it is the vertical line that is the solstice marker.053

Village ruins showing some of the rooms.056

As I understand it, the kiva was a sort of sacred room that at one time had a wooden roof.  If anyone can enlighten me further, please do, and I’ll publish it.  I hate to give incorrect or incomplete information.064

Newspaper Rock was located a few miles from the village.  The rocks are at the bottom of a cliff and are difficult to photograph.  The park provides spotting scopes for easier viewing.065

The sign shows drawings of the designs and how they were preserved.061


The two photos above are the best we could do with our little camera, but I think they give you the idea of how many drawings and designs were on these rocks.085

A very large chunk of petrified wood.  It can be polished and made into a variety of art objects and furniture.096

By comparing the size of this tree trunk with the steps, you can see that this chunk of petrified wood is huge.097 I can tell that Jerry is contemplating taking this piece of petrified wood home for me.  That might be a bad idea on several levels.098

I can just imagine how gorgeous this would be if it were polished!100

This was an enormous tree at one time.


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