September 16: New Addition to the Family

A week ago we went to the Kerrville Humane Society and found our new little girl.  Her name is Bailey (middle name not yet finalized) and she is part Lab and part Australian shepherd.002

As you can see, she has a very noble profile!003

The Australian shepherd part must account for the unusual markings on her front legs and chest.007

She’s one and half years old, but still has plenty of puppy in her!  You can see the mischief in those eyes!!004

So far, she has only chewed on toys.  Let’s hope it stays that way.014

Yesterday afternoon we took her to the Guadalupe River to see if she likes the water as well as Ebony did.  I have heard that Australian shepherds do NOT like water, so we’ll see whether the Lab or the A.S. goes into the water.  This is a low water crossing very close to our house.009

This spot on the river, near Waltonia Lodge, is very shallow.007

Jerry took her out very slowly at first.  I don’t think she had ever been in the water before.011

“This stuff might not be so bad after all!”008

“Apparently this stuff is good to drink, too!”013

“I think I felt something down there!”



Well, stay tuned for the further adventures of Bailey, the Wonder Dog!


  1. Pat said:

    Can’t wait to meet Bailey! I think she is a perfect addition to the family!

  2. Jacqueline Leo said:

    She is adorable!!!!!! Welcome to the family Bailey! Sent from my iPhone

  3. Tom and Gloria said:

    Hi, You left before we were able to send some crabs with you….we are still really enjoying the fish!!! Cooked some last nite. Congratulations on Bailey…she’s beautiful!!! Hugs to you both, Gloria and Tom

  4. Marilyn said:

    She’s a beautiful pup. And she’s lucky to have you. Need to get Bailey and Riley together! They would have a ball.

  5. mary lea wallace said:

    Noble profile indeed! She’s a keeper. ;-}

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