Aug. 27: Part 3 – Gem and Fossil Shop


Outside the Petrified Forest is this combination shop and museum.017

This is so creative, but I’ll bet it took a long, long time to complete.002

Well, I’ve found MY souvenir, but I don’t think it’ll fit into my purse. This amethyst geode was about 3 feet across.007

These are a little more my size and the owls are adorable!010

Actually, these are more in my price range, but I’m a little skeptical about their authenticity.004

This is a beautiful piece of Diamond Willow.014

These dinosaur bones are impressive.  Do you see the slab of polished petrified wood in the back on the right?013

This would make a Texas-sized omelet!008

We were told that these are the ancient ancestors of squid.023

The end of another exciting day.


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