Sept. 20: A Random Rant

Just in case anyone out there has sent us something via snail mail, I must tell you that the U.S. Postal Service has not been very efficient in handling our mail.  We have been home since Sept. 3 and have yet to receive any important mail.  Junk mail seems to arrive no matter what.  In spite of one email to the USPS and two phone calls to the local P.O., I continue to miss important correspondence.  For example, we have been mailed new credit cards, not once, but twice, and have never received them.  I suppose our stuff is out there in limbo somewhere, but if we ever go on a long trip again, I’ll make other arrangement for my mail. Color me frustrated.

1 comment
  1. Barb said:

    Welcome home! When you get everything back in place and settled down, give us a call. The lake level is rising and the fish are biting. ; )

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